SureBackup Ping Test Always Have Three Failures

Feb 5, 2019
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Understanding SureBackup and the Ping Test

Before we delve into why your SureBackup Ping Test may be experiencing three failures, let's first discuss what SureBackup is and the purpose of the Ping Test. SureBackup, offered by Veeam Backup & Replication, is a powerful feature that allows businesses to automatically verify the recoverability of their backups. It creates an isolated virtual environment where backups can be booted and tested to ensure they are functioning correctly and can be restored when needed.

The Ping Test, as part of the SureBackup process, helps monitor the connectivity between VMs (Virtual Machines) in the isolated environment and the production network. It sends ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) echo requests, commonly known as pings, to various endpoints to check if they are responsive. A successful ping indicates proper connectivity, while failures indicate potential issues.

Common Causes of Three Failures in SureBackup Ping Test

Experiencing three failures in the SureBackup Ping Test can be frustrating, but with the right expertise, you can troubleshoot and resolve the issue effectively. Here are some common causes to consider:

1. Network Configuration

One possible cause of three failures in the SureBackup Ping Test is a misconfigured network. Ensure that the network settings for your SureBackup job are correctly configured to allow communication between the isolated environment and the production network. Check firewall rules, VLAN configurations, and any other network settings that may be impacting connectivity.

2. DNS Resolution

Inadequate DNS resolution can also lead to three failures in the Ping Test. Ensure that the DNS settings in your SureBackup job are accurate and can resolve endpoints within the isolated environment. Incorrect or missing DNS records can cause ping failures, as the VMs won't be able to resolve the IP addresses of the endpoints being tested.

3. Firewall Restrictions

Firewall restrictions can prevent successful pings between VMs in the isolated environment and the production network. Verify that the necessary firewall rules are in place to allow ICMP traffic and ensure proper bidirectional communication. Some firewalls may have default settings that block ICMP requests by default, so make sure to adjust these settings accordingly.

4. IP Address Conflicts

IP address conflicts can cause failures in the Ping Test. Ensure that there are no duplicate IP addresses within the isolated environment or any conflicts with the IP addresses of endpoints being tested. Resolving IP address conflicts will help establish successful communication and eliminate ping failures.

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