Health & Fitness : Three Great Reasons To Pack Your Lunch

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness : Three Great Reasons To Pack Your Lunch







When was the last time you packed your lunch? It may have been a while,
but today I want to inspire you to get in the kitchen and come up with
something delicious that you can take to work with you tomorrow.
Packing your own lunch has a lot of benefits. Here are three of the main
reasons why you should start bringing your own food.

You Control The Ingredients And Portions

There’s a problem with both prepackaged food and restaurant food,
particularly the dishes served in fast food places. You don’t know what’s in
it and much of it isn’t particularly healthy. When you pack your own lunch
and prepare the food that goes into your lunch box yourself, you know
exactly what you’re eating. That means you have full control of not only
the ingredients but also the quality of produce.

You can put together a healthy lunch that will give you the energy to
make it through the workday. Since you’re fixing it yourself, you also
control how much food you’ll have. This prevents overeating and the
dreaded afternoon slump.

It Saves Time (and Money)

Going out for lunch can eat up a lot of time. When you prepare your food
at home and bring it with you, you can sit down, eat, and still have
plenty of time leftover to go for a relaxing walk, read a book, or make a
few personal phone calls on your lunch break. As an added bonus, a
packed lunch is almost always cheaper than eating out.

Since you’ll be eating lunch every workday, the time and money savings
quickly add up over the course of a week and month. Just think about
how much more you can get done, and what you can do with the extra
money you’re saving by packing your lunch.

It Makes Eating Healthy Easier

Finding healthy food on the go isn’t always easy. Add to that the fact that
you may be tempted by not-so-healthy choices on the menu and it’s no
wonder eating a healthy lunch while out and about is hard.

Make it easy on yourself by packing your lunch. You can make healthy
choices for yourself in the morning when your willpower is strong. Come
lunch time, you simply dig into that delicious salad, sandwich, or wrap
that’s actually good for you.

I hope I have inspired you to give packing your own healthy lunches a try.
I’m sure as you put this into practice you’ll find all sorts of other
advantages to bringing your own food to the office.

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