Do you prefer to use built-in emoji apps?

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    The idea of merging an interactively animated emoji into a smartphone was introduced by Apple. The Animoji app has earned a popular place among Apple users but Samsung has also entered this domain after the Galaxy S9 phone. Known as AR Emoji, this emoji app is somewhat similar to Appleā€™s but both of these apps have their own similarities and dissimilarities. I have used both of them so personally, I cannot hold one superior to the other since the functionalities and user experience vary. I believe that apps like Snapchat solely focused on adding facial filters but an animated emoji enhances our intractability with our phone. Such apps provide a fun user experience but phone interaction is a major advantage as well. When someone asks me anything about the AR Emoji Vs Animoji topic, I have sufficient information regarding each of these apps. However, I want to know what everyone here thinks about these emoji apps.

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