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    If you are connected with a business and you have made a website for your business or any respects, always you will want to get more than more visitors. But it is not too easy, for any web marketing, some of the major points we can not neglect, the best one of them is to make your web design more attractive and user-friendly. There are many web designing strategies by which we can improve our web performance for our business. How can we make basic strategies for our attractive web design, let’s discuss?
    1) As an professional web designer, when I visit any website, always look at the web logo and its attractiveness. So, the logo should be updated and much attractive to users.
    2) People want simple design and readable context, Opt for a simple look with minimal visuals and short but informative texts to keep people interested and staying on the site longer.
    3) Choosing of color for your webpage or web banners wisely because often designers use too many colors to make it colorful but it does not look professional and visitors decreases.
    4) Font of the content matters.
    5) The images and photo are being used in web pages always be unique with unique ideas.
    There are the some of my ideas I have shared if anyone wants to share his idea please comment and make learning from each other.



    Thanks for sharing tips with us to make web design more attractive.I am doing diploma in web designing from the best institute of UAE.I am designing designer websites for practice.I think after applying these tips, I can design an attractive website.



    Such a nice and informative post I have ever read, I have a small Digital Marketing Agency in Karachi, I need some more learning, please help me!



    good one .. i like it



    Every web design Dubai professional must folow these tip to make web design project more attractive. I’ve never seen such a great articel on this topic before. Thanks for posting this with design newbies.



    Thanks for the great tips. At Webbizzle we offer the most attractive website design solutions at the best prices. We have travel website plans to business websites and even ecommerce, desert safari, etc. We also offer SEO services to make sure your website is on Google’s first page.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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