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How to Avoid Installing Junk Programs When Downloading Free Software

The web is covered with traps for tenderfoot clients while downloading programming, from fake “Download” catches that are really ads to installers loaded with packaged toolbars and other garbage programming. Figuring out how to keep away from the garbage is an imperative aptitude.

As nerds, we know how to avoid all the garbage when downloading free programming for our Windows PCs. Be that as it may, not everybody knows how. Individuals must fall for these traps or they wouldn’t in any case be in such wide utilize.

Fake Download Links

When downloading free programming, the main trap you’ll experience might be a fake download interface — or various fake download joins — on the product’s site page. You’ll regularly discover substantial, brilliantly shaded catches with content like “Free Download” or “Download Now.” These are frequently just notice standards intended to copy genuine download joins, deceiving you into clicking them and introducing distinctive

Know that such commercials are attempting to deceive you — that is the initial step. To recognize fake download joins, you can for the most part drift your mouse cursor over the connection and take a gander at where it leads.

In the beneath illustration, the fake download interface prompts to a page at “” — an unmistakable publicizing join. On the off chance that we moused over the genuine download interface, we’d see that it prompts to somewhere else on “”, the present site we’re on.

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