DVD: Video Marketing 3.0 Made Easy

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DVD: Video Marketing 3.0 Made Easy

Section 1: Video Marketing Basics
Video 1 What is Video Marketing all about?
Video 2 Shocking Video Marketing Facts to Consider
Video 3 Types of Marketing Videos
Section 2: Video Marketing – Step by Step
Video 4 Researching for a hot “business related” topic
Video 5 Creating you video
Video 6 Optimizing your video
Video 7 Publishing your video
Video 8 Advertising your video
Section 3: Advanced Video Marketing
Video 9 Manual vs Automated Video Marketing
Video 10 Video Marketing Automation Tools
Video 11 Video-Affiliate Marketing
Video 12 Advanced Video Marketing Strategies for Social Media
Video 13 Green Screen Video Creation
Video 14 Paid Facebook Video Advertising – Step by Step
Video 15 Paid YouTube Video Advertising – Step by Step
Video 16 YouTube/Google Video SEO Ranking – Step by Step
Section 4: Final Tips to consider
Video 17 Do’s and Don’ts
Video 18 Premium tools and Services to Consider
Video 19 Shocking Case Studies
Video 20 Frequently Asked Question





DVD: Burn It Yourself

Step One Download the ISO File enclosed

Step Two: Insert A Blank DVD

Step Three: Right Click On the ISO File

Step Four: Click Burn Disc Image

Step Five: Click ” Verify Disc After Burning”

And Finally Cluck “Burn”

Burn Time Usually Takes Under 5 Minutes.
Depending, of course, on the length of the video, and the speed of your PC


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