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Writing reviews can put some serious cash in the bank if you make it work for you, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

I want to teach you to focus on ClickBank’s marketplace as your source for content and cash when writing reviews for your blog. There are many excellent reasons to do this – both for your readers’ sakes and for your own affiliate marketing success.

For one thing, ClickBank product quality can vary widely. People need a “guide” to get them safely past the duds to find targeted products they really need. Anyone who can deliver rapidly becomes an “authority” – which is the fast track to turning yourself into a sought-after super affiliate.

In order to do this, however, you need to know how to get past those duds yourself.

I cover more than just blog posts as a review delivery method in the report you are reading now. You can use other media too, to bolster your efforts, and that’s just one of the topics I cover, too.

You’ll need a checklist of all the ingredients to include in a review, in order to generate click-throughs that lead to sales.

I don’t stop there – I break each element in the checklist down to make sure you don’t miss a trick. As you read you’ll find out tips like:

  1. 4 different but equally effective methods of creating that all-important review post headline

  2. A simple way to get your readers to relate

  3. How to handle images – where and how to place them (and when and why you should)

  4. 3 ways to provide “proof” – and the way to tell your readers how the product you’re reviewing works, without spilling all the creator’s secrets

Mind you, one of the biggest complaints about ClickBank affiliate marketing lies in finding the right products, yourself! I’m going to share my easy, foolproof ClickBank product research secret – it’s simple, instant and it won’t cost you anything, unless you choose to upgrade (and you really don’t have to, at all!)

It also includes my 9 secret strategy tips – such as creating backlinks within your own site, to your own archived content, to dramatically increase your review site SEO!

If review blogging is something you’re just getting started in, why not specialize and give ClickBank review blogging a try.

This ebook has more details …




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