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eCourse Online: Facing Your Fears Package

Fear is a series of physiological and chemical responses to a real or perceived danger. If we didn’t have this ability to sense and react immediately to danger we wouldn’t survive.

When one of our senses, be it sight, smell, hearing, touch or even taste warns us that something is wrong, this system for self-preservation engages and we take action to avoid danger or death.

Fear begins with a stimulus that’s transmitted to the brain. How we respond to these warnings can be automatic or a series of communications that lead to action or thought. You may walk down a dark street and hear footsteps behind you. Your internal alarm goes off. Your heart rate increases as well as you respiratory rate.
Muscles tense up and you start to sweat, the palms of your hands feel wet and clammy.

No matter what your fears, there are plans in place to cope with them. Here are a few strategies that help to deal with fear:

1. Relax – Incorporate meditation into your daily practices. Your mind and body needs periods when you just tune out and turn-off your thoughts.

2. Use visualization –Visualization can help you overcome fear by imagining how you cope with the fear before it becomes a reality. This is a powerful tool
for success used by athletes and other professionals.

3. Take small steps – It will take time and strategy to convince your subconscious that you’re not afraid of whatever it is holding you back from
experiencing life to the fullest. Challenge your fears with small successes.

4. Do what you’re afraid of – Doing what you’re most afraid of will make you feel more capable and less frightened.

5. Build your self-esteem – Use your small successes to build-up your selfesteem. Celebrate your wins.

6. Interrogate yourself – After you’ve identified and isolated your worst fears, ask yourself a series of questions about them that are designed to help you understand them more. Questions such as, “What’s the worst that can happen?” and “What can I do to minimize the fear?” are good questions to paring down the fear to a manageable size. ! Fear can help you to survive and it can stifle your chances for a rich lifeIf fear is holding you back from learning new skills or exploring new experiences, you owe it to yourself to learn how to manage your fears.

In this ‘ Facing Your Fear ‘ package, you will find the following topics :

Research report
Quote posters
Quote movies
Fear the four letter word
Facing your fear
– Quick tips guide
– Audio book
– Course

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