Graphic Design: Instant Photoshop Mastery: Training For Beginners

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design: Instant Photoshop Mastery: Training For Beginners

Give me 3 hours and I will teach you how to master Photoshop.

Become an instant expert.

Hands on training (with photos)

-A Note From The Author
-Understanding Document Settings
-Opening an Existing Document
-Image Size and Resolution, Working with Tabbed Windows, Combining Images by Copying and/or Dragging
-Choosing a File Format and Saving Files
-Saving Specifically for Web Use
-Getting Started with Photoshop
-Maximizing Productivity with Workspaces
-How to Edit Images
-Color Modes
-Image Adjustments and How They Work
-Document Editing
-Working with Filters
-Filters: Oil Paint
-Filters: Blur, Distort & Pixelate
-Filter: Noise, Render, Sharpen & Stylize
-Working with Layers
-Working Through Layer Options, Organizing Layers into Groups, Layer Opacity and Blend Modes
-Working with Adjustment Layers, Alpha Channels, and Layer Masks
-Working with Text
-Using the Warp Text Option
-Working with Tools
-Working with Magic Wand and Quick Selection
-Using the Lasso Tools
-Adding To and Subtracting From Selections
-Cropping an Image
-Using the Clone Stamp and Healing Tools
-Working with Photoshop Brush Tools, Changing Brush Settings, Applying Color to an Image, Changing Blend Modes
-Dodge and Burn
-Using the Gradient Tool
-Blur and Sharpen
-Working with Paths

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