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Home Workout Video Training Intermediate Edition

In This INTERMEDIATE Edition: 

chest press crunch hamstring curls shoulder press stationary lunges Part One Advanced: Part Two Strength Training: Air Bike Crunches Bent Over Row Calf Raises Crunches Hamstring Curls Planks Pull-Ups From Knees Wall Squats Alternating Bent Over Rows Bicept Curls Bridge Plank On Elbows Chest Presses Double Crunches Forward Stepping Lunges Hip Bridges Standing Reverse Fly Part Three: Stretches & Warm Up Exercises: Back And Neck Stretches Calf Stretches Chest And Bicept Stretches Chest Stretch Desk Stretches Glute Stretches Hamstring Stretches Arm Swings Circles Knee Highs Jumping Jacks Large Arm Swings Seated Bikes Part Four: Stretches Part Two Lower Back Stretch Partner Lower Body Stretches Partner Upper Body Stretches Pretzel Twists Quad Stretches Seated Glute Stretches Tricept Stretches

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