Marketing: Viking Re targeting Pack

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Marketing: Viking Re targeting Pack

What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting is the act of advertising to consumers based on their previous actions or behavior.

This is primarily done by the placement of pixels on your web properties which cookie a visitor’s browser and allow you to follow them with ads all around the web.

Critical Retargeting Stats:

-Website visitors who were retargeted via display ads were 70 percent more likely to convert on-site.

– The click-through rate (CTR) on display ads is a whopping 10X higher with retargeting.

– Make “cart abandoners” 150 percent more likely to return to checkout.

– This explains why around 50 percent of all major brands have set aside specific budgets just for retargeting.

The Primary Types of Retargeting Today Are :

– Site Retargeting: Retargeting anyone who visits your site.

– Dynamic Retargeting: Retargeting based on which products or pages a person viewed.

– Social Retargeting: Retargeting within social networks, especially with native ads.

– Search Retargeting: Retargeting based on previously-used keywords.

– SEO Retargeting: Retargeting based on keywords used immediately prior to hitting your site.

– Email Retargeting: Retargeting based on opens, clicks or other interaction with your emails.

This pack has more details!

This pack contains audio, ebook, report and videos!



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