Site Builder: Instant Wedding Site

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Site Builder

Site Builder: Instant Wedding Site

Instantly Create Your Own Complete Moneymaking Website Featuring Adsense And Amazon Ads, Unique Web Pages, SEO Solutions, Matching Niche Videos And Much More !

Built Automatically In 2 Minutes Flat !

This professional looking site includes many powerful features including…

– 25 quality 700-word Private Label articles

– Multiple Adsense ad units featuring your Adsense ID

– Google site search box using your Adsense ID in all results

– Multiple automatically generated Amazon adverts with product photos and “buy now” buttons, all featuring your Amazon affiliate ID

– Language translation flags for automated “single click” translation of all pages

– Automatically generated “video wall” featuring 12 free videos matching the theme of your site to enhance the site content and appearance

– Each page features “random snippets” so your pages will differ to those of any other website

– Randomly generated cross links on all pages to make the site structure different to that of any other website – and to ensure full search engine spidering of your site

– Random home page which automatically sets your home page to one of the articles chosen at random to enhance search engine listing and site spidering

– Automatically generated site map page providing a full overview of all your site pages, plus optional links page for exchanging links with other sites

– Quality header graphic (supplied with PSD files so you can edit it if you want)

– Site built automatically – just fill in a short form with your details and your site is built instantly, ready to upload to your web host


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