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Software Download: Boxed Niches

Internet isn’t called the “super-highway of information” for nothing. It’s a well-known fact that information is the #1 product for making a surefire income on the Internet.

By creating your own unique product, you will have something that no one else has and this is by far the best way to go. On the other hand, not all of us have the time to create our own products, which leaves us with 2 other options – using a ready-made resell product, or becoming an affiliate.

Either way, you can still stand above your competitors by selecting the right sub-keyword(s). The question here becomes…

— Do you want 5,000 of visitors with a sales rate of 0.1%? OR…

— Would you prefer 500 visitors with a sales rate of 3% or even more?

Just in case you don’t have your calculator at hand, the first scenario will give you a mere 5 sales, and the second one 15 – 3 times more!

But, having a product to sell is just part of the picture. The real ingredient to success is the keyword, or keyphrase, you target. Depending on your choice, it can either make or break your success.

So, now the question is… “Which keywords are the most profitable?” And… “How on earth do you go about finding those elusive keywords?”

Worry no more, my friend. BoxedNiches is the all-in-one solution to your problem. We have already done all the research, and gathered the necessary information and products so you can immediately start building your Cyberspace empire.

No need for you to worry whether a niche is going to be profitable or not. We’ve done all the hard, time-consuming work, and we will pin-point the exact keywords for each niche you can use to easily create a long-term income stream.

We fully research each niche and provide you with hand-picked, top-quality data and other products you can utilize to build and maintain your online cash-pumping empire.

Just Take a Look at the Main Features…

  • A comprehensive list of keywords and search engine data that has been gathered through careful research – handpicked and refined to give you only the best.
    The included data for each keyword is:

  • The Google search count.

  • The “exact phrase” count in Google.

  • The Google top position ad cost.

  • The Strength of Competition (SOC) score for selected keywords that can prove to be highly pofitable. You will be able to compare the SOC scores for the various keywords and make your choice based on your needs.

  • An extra list of LSI (Latent Semantics Index) keywords – when available – use these for SEO purposes or simply as extra/more keywords.

  • A Keyword Commercial – and Non-Commercial – Index scores for each keyword in the lists above. Unlike other information of this kind, though, we will give you both the commercial and non-commercial index.

These will tell you whether you should sharpen your content to be strongly sales-oriented, or whether you should soften your content and approach your prospect in a more subtle and indirect way.

…And, just so we’re clear on this, by “keyword”, we don’t mean the main niche keyword, but the individual keywords and phrases listed in the lists within each main niche.

In addition to the above keyword lists, you will also be able to download miscellaneous other products you can use to start creating your BoxedNiche income stream immediately, as well as maintain well into the future…
The products vary from BoxedNiche to BoxedNiche, but on the whole they consist of the following:

  • A set of 25 or more Private Label Rights articles related to the niche.

They can be used for creating you own custom product, article marketing, web and blog content, as well as ecourses. Use all of them, or just a selected few – the choice is yours.

  • A WordPress Theme correlating with the niche.

Blogs are one the easiest and quickest ways to get your product “out there” and in front of your prospects’ eyes.

You can use this correlating theme to create a professional-looking blog using the world-famous (and free) blog script, WordPress.

  • A Resale product – one you can sell for 100% profit related to the niche.

They include the ready-made reseller’s website, so all you need to do is insert your payment button, slap it online, and off you go!


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