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WordPress Plugin: Chat X Plugin

WordPress Chat X plugin
LiveChat Night Bird is a powerful chat plugin for WordPress. It allows you to speak/chat directly with your visitors on your website.


Open source
One-time fee (1 license = 1 website)
100 users1 can chat at one time (i.e. 10 operators and 90 visitors)
Initiate chat with the visitor ?
Cute skin (fully customizable)
Very clean code
Fast and lightweight
More than one operators can reply the same user’s question
Visitors can fill out contact form when all operators are offline
“Email notifications” when new visitor is online (optional)
SSL support. All your and visitor messages will be encrypted
Supports WPML 3.2+
Tested with WordPress 4.6
Tested with PHP 7
(1): One browser tab equals to 1 user connection. If a user opens 2 tabs on your website, it will be counted as 2 user connections


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