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WordPress Plugin: Content Egg Pro

Content Egg – is a WordPress plugin that allows you with just a couple of clicks to add additional content to your posts: images, videos, news, product sampling, messages from social networks and other thematic materials.

Making niche websites – one of the most simple and in the same time effective way to make money online. But how much time do you spend to make your posts valuable for visitors and search engines? Photos, videos, product offerings, text content, manuals, social news – all this makes your resource useful to visitors and attractive to search engines.

Content Egg plugin helps solve many of the problems described above. For example, you write a short article review of the new smartphone, and all the additional content is added automatically by the plugin.


Tons of content: images, videos, books, news, offers, social network news and more.
Support for popular affiliate systems.
Auto blogging – monetizing and content auto pilot.
Multilanguage: make site on any language.
Easy interface: add all content from post admin page.
Custom output templates.
Works with any theme.
Option to search across content with Creative Common license.
Works through official API.
Comparison lists, grid of products, images, videos.
Works with wordpress shortcodes.

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