WordPress Plugins: AffPressor WP Plugin

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WordPress Plugins: AffPressor WP Plugin

• Affpressor is the only WordPress plugin of its kind, it includes the ability to incorporate Commission Junction, Amazon, and Ebay. These three affiliate programs are amongst the largest and most lucrative.
• Affpressor is the very defintion of plug-and-play. If you can upload a plugin to your WordPress site, you can use this. Just add in your affiliate account info. In other words, this is completely newbie friendly
• Affpressor runs completely on autopilot. I understand that many products make that clan but this is one of the few times that is absolutely true. Once you select your keywords, Affpressor does the rest!
• Affpressor provides a magnitude of ads based on your keywords. It automatically ads a hover ad that appears when a user mouseovers your keyword and shows a random advert from the affiliate networks you select
• Guess what, Affpress automatically cloak your affiliate links. Along with cloaking your link, Affpressor also gives you the ability to provide a strong call-to-action box that will almost certainly shoot up your CTR numbers!

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