WordPress Plugins: Crowdfund It Plugin

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WordPress Plugins: Crowdfund It Plugin

Get Advanced Funding For Your Projects Without Losing A Portion Of Your Proceeds To Crowdfunding Sites!

Introducing your very own crowdfunding app that you install and control, making it easy to fund your projects and ensure a crowd of happy buyers before you invest a single penny.

With this easy addition to your WordPress website, you’ll quickly set up and run your own campaigns, and you won’t have to share your earnings with anyone but your payment processor.

That’s a huge savings for you, and more money you can spend on development.

It has everything you need, including :

  • Quick and easy one-click install–no need to hire a tech to get started.
  • Unlimited campaigns so you can fund all your project ideas.
  • Easy PayPal connection–simply create your “app” using the included instructions, and your backers won’t be charged until your campaign is fully funded.
  • Multiple funding variations–allow your buyers to choose their level of support.
  • Easy editing thanks to the familiar WordPress post editing interface
  • No additional fees–you pay only the standard PayPal fees, nothing extra to eat into your profits.
  • Beautiful formatting–include photos, screenshots, bullet points and more in all your campaigns (without knowing HTML).
  • MailChimp integration–automatically add your backers to your mailing list to keep them updated on your progress.
  • Sandbox testing–not ready to go live? Test your set up with PayPal’s sandbox option.
  • Support for multiple currencies–just choose your currency symbol and your PayPal account takes care of the rest.
  • Built-in tracking–know at a glance how many backers you have, and how close you are to being fully funded.


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