WordPress Plugins: Delayed Buttons Plugin

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WordPress Plugins: Delayed Buttons Plugin

The Delayed Buttons plugin is the result of a trend on many video sales pages. It works simply by withholding the payment button until a set amount of time has passed.

So there’s nothing that can be clicked, and the only thing that the viewer can do is watch the video as its streamed, just as if it were a TV program.

We reckon this works so well because with each passing second, the viewer realises that he or she has already invested a certain amount of time on the page, and that investment is getting longer and so is felt as a continued investment of their time.

Under normal circumstances, a viewer may have clicked away or opened something else in another tab, but there’s nothing to do here other than watch the video or waste the time investment they’ve already spent on it.

They can’t even click a payment button to see how much the product is because there’s nothing on the page to click. They MUST watch the video.

At the end of the video the viewer understands what’s on offer, and only then does the payment button reveal itself.

That’s exactly what you can do with this plugin.

You can use it to only reveal the payment button at the appropriate moment, on a page or even a post.


It can also be used to reveal any HTML, not just a payment button, so it’s an extremely valuable tool to have.


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