WordPress Plugins: Digital Product Demon

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WordPress Plugins: Digital Product Demon

Readymade deals page is incorporated with this item, extra pertinent item materials, for example, deals representation, item eCover, editable .psd records, WordPress topic, adsense specialty site and so on may included with the item.

Computerized Product Demon combined with WordPress will let you:

  • Easily offer computerized items with only a PayPal account – PayPal is anything but difficult to utilize, however it doesn’t give an approach to conceal your ThankYou page or ensure your download joins. Computerized Product Demon makes it simple to do both. It’ll shroud your Thank You page so that exclusive substantial clients can get to it and it will lapse your download page and scramble your download URLs so that your connections can’t be shared or posted on “pilfering” gatherings.

  • Support numerous items in a solitary ClickBank Account – Digital Product Demon gives you a chance to utilize isolate deals, thank you, and download pages for every item you characterize. That implies that you can put various items in 1 ClickBank account yet at the same time show independently created deals pages for every item.

  • Automatically shroud your member joins – The advantages of shrouding offshoot joins have been talked about regularly on this discussion and somewhere else. Computerized Product Demon’s AFFILIATE mode handles this for you amazingly!

Ensures your Download Pages – Download pages must be gotten to through a connection that incorporates the purchaser’s buy data. These pages are additionally set to lapse after a period you indicate – more often than not 3-5 days after the buy.

  • Protects your Download Links – make terrible, obscure, lapsing joins that can’t be effectively shared or posted on freebie discussions

  • Hide your advanced item’s genuine URL – any individual who sees your download interface won’t have an idea about what your download filename is. Everything’s all spoiled with numbers, letters, and unique characters that don’t mean a thing to anybody yet YOUR product.

  • Automatically produce PayPal, ClickBank, and EJunkie installment catches – sparing you huge amounts of time battling PayPal’s catch plant or redoing your own particular ClickBank catches.

Furthermore, on the grounds that Digital Product Demon is a WordPress Plugin, it:

  • is Easy to Install – WordPress is known for its “5 minute introduce” and introducing WordPress modules (like the Digital Product Demon) is a secure

  • is Easy to Maintain

  • Makes it Easy to Add Content – including new deals or survey pages

  • is Super SEO Friendly – Google and Yahoo truly LOVE WordPress

  • is Easy to Customize – both outwardly with WordPress subjects and practically with WordPress modules.

  • Supports the biggest, free, most broadly utilized installment processor as a part of the world (PayPal)

  • Supports the biggest advanced items member deals arrange on the planet (ClickBank)

  • Supports one of the biggest advanced items conveyance destinations on the planet (E-Junkie)


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