WordPress Plugins: Easy Protected Links Plugin

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WordPress Plugins: Easy Protected Links Plugin

“Finally! A Fast, Easy Solution to Creating Protected Download Links for Your Valuable Content”

Stop giving away your work for free and discover how you can easily protect your pdfs, mp3s and more….

With the Easy Protected Links plugin, you get…

An easy-to-install and maintain plugin built for WordPress

Super-simple, copy/paste settings that let you instantly (and painlessly) connect to your Amazon S3 account

Default settings let you maintain your brand throughout your entire site – or easily override for custom look on any page!

Easy customization of error messages so your buyers are never confused by a permissions error again

Delivering your download is as easy as clicking the icon in your post editor and choosing your options. You’ll have…

  • 24 meaningful icons to let your customers know exactly what they’re getting

  • 2 attractive button styles in 8 different colors to match any theme

  • Modern, “rollover” buttons to attract attention and encourage clicks

  • Fully customizable button text for better calls to action

  • Customizable expiration times so you can control how long your download is available during each browser session

  • Editable error message so you can let customers know exactly how to access their download if the link has expired

  • The ability to include multiple buttons/links per page

  • Simple shortcode syntax for stress-free troubleshooting

  • Easily accessible point-and-click button embedder available on both posts and pages
    Protection for any file type!


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