WordPress Plugins: Instant Social Image Plugin

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WordPress Plugins: Instant Social Image Plugin

Finally! A Fast & Easy Way To Encourage Social Sharing, Increase Reader Engagement, And Create A Beautiful Blog!

Instant Social Image offers an incredibly simple and fast way for you to create stunning, shareable images right from your WordPress dashboard. You’ll enjoy :

  • One-click installation so you’ll be up and running fast – no complex settings or arcane functions to learn.
  • Easy access within your post editor – no extra software to launch or websites to log into.
  • Built-in royalty free backgrounds so you can instantly create graphics on the fly.
  • Ability to upload your own background images for total control over the look and feel of your site.
  • 10 font choices give your social friendly graphics the exact look you want.
  • Automatic uploading of finished images to both your post and your media folder, so you can use them again and again and you’ll always know where they are.
  • Unlimited color choices to match the style of any blog.
  • Automatic branding with your blog name for better reach and influence.
  • Point and click text alignment – no more fiddling with cryptic controls.
  • Easy line-break controls let you place text exactly where you want it.
  • Independent controls for text and branding ensure your social images convey your message clearly while still maintaining your brand.
  • Instant previews to ensure your images looks right before it appears on your post.
  • Easy to use on both posts and pages.


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