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WordPress Plugins: Link Gate Plugin

Increase Reader Engagement, Ensure Important Messages Get Seen, And Grow Your Mailing List – All With One Powerful Solution !

This LinkGate, the WordPress plugin that allows you to create a wide variety of eye-catching pop-ups that only appear when your reader clicks a link. From “Click here for more information” to a fully functional opt-in pop-up form, LinkGate WordPress Plugin is the answer to your engagement issues.

Now you can make any link open a pop-up window, which not only gives you an easy way to pass important information to your readers, but when used with an opt-in form, can actually increase your opt-in rates.

. Installs quickly and easily right from your WordPress dashboard.
. Works with any mailing list provider–no complex configuration needed.
. Use for opt-ins, information and more.
. Easily include images and HTML in your pop-ups.
. Unlimited color choices to match any theme.
. Opt-in forms use both name and email or only email for total flexibility.
. Add background images, borders and more with the simple point and click interface.
. Create unlimited Link-Gates for use on any page or post on your site.
. Add customized calls to action to every post–give your readers exactly what they need, right when they need it.
. Create informative, pop-up “Learn more” content to make training programs or step-by-step instructions easier to follow.
. Add multiple Link-Gates to single posts or pages.
. A button added to your post editing screen makes inserting Link-Gates fast and easy.
. Works with shortcodes so there’s no javascript to break during post editing.
. Use on blog posts, sales pages, contact pages and more.
. Style the text and images for maximum impact

Even better, because it’s built for WordPress, you know there’s no :

Complex, technical installation process that practically requires a degree in computer science to complete.

Difficult styling rules or expensive editing software required.

Impossible-to-control pop-ups that appear on every page load.

In short, LinkGate WordPress Plugin gives you total control over your information and opt-in pop-ups without any of the headaches you’ve experienced before.



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