WordPress Plugins: List Hook Plugin

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WordPress Plugins: List Hook Plugin

Are you tired and frustrated with customers that subscribe to your WordPress membership site, but don’t follow through with their aWeber email optin confirmation?

I’ll bet your head is nodding right now.

I find that no matter how well I communicate the importance of staying on my email list, there are still customers that just don’t optin.

We All Know That A Bigger List, All Things Being Equal, Means More Revenue

And when customers don’t optin that ultimately means lost future revenue!

That’s exactly why I developed the List Hook Plugin.

In a nutshell, the List Hook Plugin is a content blocker that checks your Aweber or GetResponse mailing list and verifies that your member is on the list. If the members email address (as captured in your membership site database) is not on your email list, they see a custom message (that you create), otherwise they gain access to your bonus post/page as normal.


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