WordPress Plugins: One Time Offer Manager WP Plugin

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WordPress Plugins: One Time Offer Manager WP Plugin

Here’s what the One-Time Offer Manager WordPress plugin can do for you:

  • Create time limited special offers for your website visitors.
  • Add timers to your One-Time Offer pages to heighten the sense of urgency.
  • Since your customers never see your One-Time Offer after it expires, they will have to buy through your regular offer, * further establishing your credibility.
    Visitors never see the actual link to your one-time offer page, so they can’t bypass the limits you’ve set.
  • No ploys, no gimmicks, no scams, no tricks. Your customers will quickly realize that your one-time offers are the real deal and they’ll take you up on your next One-Time Offer ’cause nobody likes to miss out!
  • Tracks user by host address (IP) and cookies! (Visitors can’t erase their cookies and get another shot.)
  • And Much Much More…


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