WordPress Plugins: Recently Viewed WP Plugin

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WordPress Plugins: Recently Viewed WP Plugin

Reduce Your Bounce Rate, Increase Your Page Views, And Give Readers Exactly The Information They Need And Want, Every Time They Visit !

Have you noticed how great sites like Amazon and Ebay are at keeping you engaged ? It seems they’re constantly reminding you of items you viewed in the past, and showing you what other, related products they sell.

In fact, no matter what page you’re on, there in the sidebar or in the footer, you’ll find something more to look at. And because you’ve viewed it or a similar item in the past, it’s much more likely to grab your attention.

Pretty smart marketing, huh ? What if you could do the same thing on your website ?

What does this mean for bloggers and other site owners ?

Simply put, if your readers are coming to your site and looking at only a single page or post, Google is penalizing you. Your ranking in the search results will suffer, even if the reader stayed on your site long enough to read an entire article !

The easiest fix ? Encourage every reader to visit other pages by offering more information she may be interested in.

Keep Them Reading Longer By Showing Them Exactly What They Want To See !

Clearly, your job as a profitable website owner is twofold:

  • Provide relevant, useful information your readers want and need.

  • Give it to them in a way that makes sense, so they’ll remain on your site longer and increase your sales and advertising rates.

The new, “Recently Viewed” WordPress plugin does just that :

  • Create multiple related posts or recently viewed posts areas according to your specific needs.
  • Set default numbers of posts to show so your readers get just what they want–and easily override those settings as needed.
  • Choose to show only related posts, or only recently view posts, or both.
  • Show titles only, titles and images, excerpts or not–this totally flexible plugin puts you in control.
  • Works with your existing tags so readers see exactly what you want them to see, and never see unrelated content.
  • Drag and drop widget adds related content to any sidebar or footer.
  • Easy-to-use shortcode puts related or recently viewed posts exactly where you want them on any page or post.
  • Lets your visitors quickly see the posts they’ve already read and might want to revisit, or others they might find interesting.
  • Perfect for cooking blogs, review blogs, affiliate sites, or any website that relies on page views and clicks to to earn a profit.
  • May help improve your ranking in search results by keeping readers on the site longer and reducing bounce rates.
  • No complicated setup or configuration–just upload the plugin, choose your default settings, and go.
  • Works with any theme, so you never have to worry it will break when you change your site’s design.
  • Easily Give Them Everything They Need.

Every time a new visitor lands on your site, it’s with the expectation that she’ll find the information she needs. You have lots of content, so make sure she can easily see and read it.
Use a fully configureable related posts plugin that gives you complete control.


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