eBook: Domain Name Investing

Investing in websites is a process that allows any savvy user to make a sizable profit.

The process should be three fold: invest in flipping, parking and developing websites. The better you can do at this, the more likely it is for your business to do very well, without a lot of long term commitment.

Consider the different ways to invest in domain investing, or website investing :

  1. Invest in website flipping: Here, you will purchase a domain name and start to develop the website. Once you have some level of secure footing, you then sell the website at a profit.
  2. Invest in domain name parking: Here, the website owner registers a domain name. Then, with very little cost, they do nothing more than sit on it and try to sell it to those that may be interested in buying it.
  3. Invest in website development: Purchase a domain name, work to establish the website and then hold on to it and profit from it.

In each of these situations, there is profit to be had.

Domain name parking offers the lowest potential returns unless you have a very in demand type of domain name that a company feels they must have.

Investing in a website and then flipping it is a great way to turn a profit, especially if you know how to set up a website fairly quickly and what it takes to get the Internet marketing going on it.

Finally, owning and developing a website is the largest profit maker because the long term benefits far outweigh the short term selling in either of the two prior options. Yet, the profits may be well off into the future.

Some Internet marketers use all of these methods and they do so very successfully. As your business grows, you too can make decisions later about how you use it. For example, you may find that you purchased a domain name and built a website you planned to own and run for some time. But, in a few months, the website is going strong and in turn you have an offer to buy it that you simply could not refuse.

In all scenarios, the goal is to find and secure a website that will work for your goals. The development of that website hinges on the same factors as any other would.

You’ll need to develop a website that offers good information, good keywords and is a domain name that’s attractive.

Depending on the extent of your goals with that domain name, you’ll want to build a successful website that people will want to own.

In this book, we’ll take a look at what each of these areas can offer to you. We’ll also talk about how to get started in each one. For many Internet marketers, even those that are just starting out, these are the foundations of success in their business. This is how they make a sizable amount of money month after month …




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