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Graphic Design: Critter Toonz

Are you ready for something different? Tired of the same old Electrician, Plumber and Doctor animations

What videos do people love the most? That’s right dogs, cats and animal videos

Add these animations into your video app and add simple ads at the end for your clients. Companies pay a fortune for videos like these that rank on YouTube

Crittertoons works with most video editors and comes in SWF, MOV and GIF formats

Introducing Crittertoonz

You get 7 characters with over 100 character animations and backgrounds.
Perfect for Pet Groomers, Pet Shops, Animal Training, Veterinarians, Dog walkers, Pet Sitters and much more
You Know Videos Work Great… But Guess What..Just Like EVERYBODY Else!!! You are using the same video graphics as everybody else. Every day, we are BOMBARDED with Marketing Images, all trying to GRAB our ATTENTION…..

Yep the plumber the painter, the doctor and electrician… It’s about time for something new and different something to help you stand out from the crowd in new niches that everyone else is ignoring…..Video marketing has been here for a while, and even your neighbor and his grandmother are using videos today but why not stand out with animations that everyone loves…

YEP that’s cute dogs, cats, birds, horses, ……
If you are like me I tend to buy every animated character pack that comes out. So I have tons of plumbers, electricians, doctors and more. Some of them are great and some are not so good… That is why I created Crittertoonz. I wanted something different and wanted to work in some new niches. So take a few minutes and watch the videos below and I am sure you will agree that with Crittertoonz you can add something new and exciting to your video marketing campaigns.

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