WordPress Plugins: Azon Notify Box WordPress Plugin

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WordPress Plugins: Azon Notify Box WordPress Plugin

Your amazon earning never increase? We’re here to help you increase your amazon earning without working more. Right! We’re here to bring you new brand WordPress Plugin that will help you boost your amazon affiliate commission.

Introducing AzonNotifyBox WordPress Plugin …..

A new brand theme for wordpress plugin that is specially designed for amazon affiliate. This plugins comes with so cool and elegant style. And surely, it will help you to boost your amazon earning

AzonNotifyBox is a profitable WordPress Plugin that will turn your site into money maker. Just install this theme, then set and forget it. Let AzonNotifyBox to work and make money for you. Look at this following preview!

AzonNotifyBox Main Features :

Look at these following powerful features and you will know the reason why we recommend you to grab it and use it for your sites.

  • Cool Style – AzonNotifyBox comes with cool style and animation effect. It will appear after a few seconds on top-right, r top-left, or bottom-right, or bottom left of your browser.

  • Unlimited Color Schemes – You can adjust this plugin with your own theme. AzonNotifyBox comes with unlimited color schemes.

  • Easy to Use – You don’t need to be master or an coding expert to use this plugin. It comes with newbie friendly plugin panel that you can configure this theme for there, such as; changing stylesheet colors, insert keyword,and more..

  • Supports 7 amazon Countries – You can set what amazon local you want to grab the product. It is including,,,,,, and

Ready in less than 3 minutes – You just need less than 3 minutes to configure this plugin. Insert your details and keyword, color styling and ready. AzonNotifyBox will search products on amazon related with keyword you entered, then show it randomly on your site…

  • And much more !


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