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WordPress Plugins: Turbo Tweet Multiplier Pro Plugin

Do You Want To Magically Get An Endless Stream of WILLING Tweets From Other People Without Doing Any Work Yourself ?

Introducing …. First Time Ever – The Turbo Tweet Multiplier …..

Social media is everything. Especially if you’re looking a free and fast way to sell your product, service or self.

Twitter in particular has become the fastest way to break news.

We are seeing more television programs display their Twitter handles and hashtags because they know this. The power of Twitter was witnessed by millions when Ellen DeGeneres tweeted “the best photo ever” at this year’s Oscars and garnered over 3.4 million retweets on it and counting. Pretty much everyone knew she was at the Oscars because of one tweet.

So you can imagine how important retweets are for your exposure and your popularity. They can change everything overnight !

A WordPress Plugin For Smart Internet Marketers Who Want To Control And Make the Best of Their Freebies’ Delivery!

Why Do I Absolutely NEED This As An INTERNET MARKETER ?

The purpose of Twitter: to have fans, to have an audience, a social platform to pass on messages, keep current, up to date in an easy way and presellor hype up products or upcoming /current services. Right ?

Free advertising !

But it works better with two elements:

  • The more the followers the better
  • The more RE/TWEETS the better

Because the more people post about YOU, the more you spread.

More potential sales and exposure.

It’s that simple.


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