WordPress Plugins: WP Max Pay

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WordPress Plugins: WP Max Pay

WP Max Pay plugin for WordPress is a simple concept, instead of allowing buyers to simply click on your buy button and checkout with PayPal, WP Max Pay allow them to select their own price with a dynamic pricing button.

The many options available in WP Max Pay make it easy for you to start making money instantly!

  • Set a mininum price so you never get less than you want and always get more.
  • Works with PayPal buy now, subscription and donations.
  • Choose your own currency.
  • Set a shipping price for your product.
  • Choice of buttons or upload your own.
  • 5 minutes super simple setup.
  • Add to any post or page with built in shotcode editor.
  • Easily customize text explaining your unique pricing method.
  • Suggest a recommended price and maximum price.


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