WordPress Plugins, QR Code Generator

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WordPress Plugins, QR Code Generator

Utilize this qr code wordpress module to make a qr code on any site of your WordPress establishment. Substance can be any content or the present URL of the site where it is embedded.

The most effective method to utilize it:

Utilize the shortcode [qrcode] inside your site to create a qr code including the URL of the present site

Utilize the following short code to create an individual qr code with any content substance:

[qrcode content=”CONTENT” size=”120″ alt=”ALT_TEXT” class=”CLASS_NAME”]

It`s not necessary to give any parameters!

Conceivable parameters are: alt, measure, class, credit, shadow

On the off chance that you don`t give any parameter like “alt” or ‘size’, the standard parameters are: alt = “Sweep the QR Code” measure = 120 class=”” credit = genuine shadow = genuine

The credit choice gives a tiny yet decent looking picture interface on base of the qrcode. In the event that you don’t care for it or would prefer not to give me any credits you can deactivate it with ‘credit = false’. Yet, i will be happy on the off chance that you let that little connection where it is :D’

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WordPress Plugins, QR Code Generator

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